Hello Friday - Endings & Beginnings

Happy Friday – the work week is once again coming to an end and the weekend is beginning. This weekend daylight savings time comes to an end and we begin standard time; that means turning your clocks back – one more hour of sleep – Yahoo 😊! But, that also means it begins getting dark in the afternoon ☹.

This change started me thinking about endings and beginnings; which happens many times in our lives. We know the adage, “when one door closes; another opens,” and an end to something signifies the start of something new. Even though this is a fact of our lives, change can be scary. Many times, we want to cling to what we know; even if it is not right or healthy for us. This is natural.

So, what do you need to do to move forward? You need to put one foot in front of the other and trust that solid ground will materialize when you have faith to begin anew. Many times, you have a vision of where you want to go, but you just do not know how to get there. Don’t let this stop you. Believe in your vision, believe in your dreams, believe in YOU. Know that wherever you are; you are meant to be. Know that who you are in this moment is Good Enough!

Life is not perfect. Life is meant to be lived. There will be bumps in the road of life. Thank Goodness! If the road were perfectly paved and straight, how boring and unremarkable would that be?

Know that challenges bring you wisdom. Challenges bring you courage. Challenges give you strength. Challenges give you hope for a better tomorrow. Embrace today for all the lessons it brings. You have 86,400 seconds today. How will you live them? Be grateful for each one of them and the insights they bring. How you view your circumstances and what you tell yourself about those circumstances becomes true for you.

So, say aloud, “Today is a gift. I am thankful for each moment I have to live.” As William Wallace said, “Yes, we will all die; but will we all truly live?” Live each day to its ultimate fullest!

Have a GREAT day and a GREAT weekend!

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