Hello Friday - Forest Bathing

Happy Friday! Wow – again – the weekend is upon us. Each week flies by with such speed. It is mid-October already! It is that time of year, and the season, that many of us yearn to be out in nature. We want to soak up the scenery, color, sun, trees, etc. before the winter season begins.

Spending time in nature, “forest bathing” has been proven, through many research studies, to be great for your health. Studies have linked “being in nature” to lower blood pressure, symptom relief for heart disease, depression, anxiety and attention disorders – just to name a few. Not only can nature help you physically, psychologically, it produces feelings of “awe”. Studies have shown that people who were “awe-inspired” after being in nature, were more likely to behave in more generous and helping ways.

If you are feeling a bit “bummed out” because you may not have an opportunity to be outside in nature to do full on “forest bathing”; don’t dismay, there is also much evidence that you can get some benefit by putting a plant in your room or even looking at trees through your window. Additionally, even looking at images of nature, hearing sounds and experiencing smells of nature can have positive health effects.

So, what are you waiting for? Take some time this weekend to commune with nature with self, friends, or family. You will most definitely experience positive health benefits. But, being in nature, fully present, you will experience “the bloom” of the present moment.

Have fun; bask in the glory of the healing powers of nature 😊

Take Care and Have a GREAT weekend!

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