Choose Your Thoughts; Shape Your Life

“If you don’t change your thoughts, your life will be like this forever. Is that good news?” (Dan Miller)

The thoughts you think and the words you speak create your experiences, your future, your world. Your thoughts impact your words, your responses and your behaviors. Your thoughts truly impact every interaction you have. Like the quote says, that can be good news; or it can cause you to PAUSE and THINK about what you may need to adjust.

Life is happening at such a fast pace; often you may not even know the reason for your response to a situation. Many times, you do not reflect on your foundational thought life to determine a reason for the reaction you had to a situation. That is okay. Do not lose heart. Fortunately, every minute of every day is a new beginning. You have many opportunities to take control over your patterns of thought and your responses and reactions. You can make the choice. It only takes a desire to make a change and then create a plan to incorporate that change into your life.

Today, spend some time reflecting about your thought life and the impact it has made in your world for you and those around you. Are you aware of your thought patterns throughout the day? Are they mostly positive and do they influence those around you in a positive way? Or, are they wrapped in negativity and stress? If you are not sure, it may be time to do some self-auditing. This can be simple to do.

Take out a sheet of paper, mid-day and end of day, audit your thinking and your responses to that point. Congratulate yourself for those times when you have been thinking and responding from a more positive mindset. If you find that you have been responding to situations around you from a more negative or stressed mindset, adjust. When you can slow down and reflect, you become more aware of what is happening and then you can make some changes that will have a lasting impact (for the better) on you and those around you.

It takes time to build a habit. Each evening look at your audit notes. Write down those things that you want to improve and determine how you will make this happen. Also write down those things that went well and positive outcomes that occurred. Writing about the positive experiences will begin to change your brain patterns. You will begin to experience a real difference in your life. You will realize that YOU CAN DO IT! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Good Luck 😊

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