Hello Friday - Unplug and Recharge

Happy Friday! How was your week? I hope GREAT. Are you ready for the weekend? I am sure that thought receives a “thumbs up” from most of you 😊!

Hopefully, this weekend you will get an opportunity to get some “R & R” and allow your brain some time to disconnect and focus on the here are now.

This past week, I read a couple of articles that intrigued me. They focused on ways to keep our brains from “being so distracted”. Guess what; one of the habits that adds to our distraction is “picking up the phone first thing in the morning”. See the excerpt below from

Don’t Make This Mistake First Thing in the Morning

When we roll out of bed in the morning—or even before we get out of bed—many of us pick up our phones. As it turns out, this behavior is quite damaging. Scientifically, your morning mind is more susceptible to being influenced and distracted. This happens without us even realizing it, but the information waves it puts in our brains before we’ve even gone to the bathroom or eaten breakfast sets the stage for a distraction-filled, pre-influenced day.

So, maybe this weekend you can try an experiment. Escape the morning habit of checking your phone and see if it changes how you experience your day. What are some ways that you can eliminate the “morning phone checking cycle”? Here are some ideas from, Uncover Your Purpose in an article entitled “Don’t Check Your Phone The First Thing In the Morning”, Kyle Seagraves (1/15/18):

  • Buy An Alarm Clock -If you set an alarm on your phone, when it goes off you may be tempted to continue scrolling. So, get an alarm clock. They are inexpensive and can help you wake up without the temptation of getting on your phone.

  • Charge Your Phone Away From Your Bed – If you keep your phone on your nightstand it can be a huge temptation to just reach over and check it. You may say to yourself that it will only be a quick look, but before you know it many minutes have passed by as you are in a “trance” looking at your phone. So, charge your phone away from your nightstand to avoid the temptation.

  • Start Meditating- Spend a few minutes after you wake up on some brief meditation. Breathe In/Breathe Out. This simple practice can help provide clarity to your morning that will carry through the rest of your day!

  • Read -Spend some time in your morning learning something new! Find an interesting book or newspaper and start absorbing information. Try just 10 minutes each morning and you’ll love how it changes your day.

  • Write/Journal -If you want to get into a writing habit, there is no better time than the morning. You do not have to write a novel. Start with just a few minutes. Write about what you expect from the day, what you are grateful for, or how you want people to experience you that day. See what kind of difference this makes.

  • Exercise -Starting the day with a quick exercise can help you gain focus and clarity for the rest of your day.

Initially, when you try to not be on your phone first thing in the morning you may feel like you are “missing out”. Remember the acronym FOMO (fear of missing out). All the previous time spent on your phone trained your brain to believe that every time the screen on your phone was lighting up something “important” was about to happen. Living life like this can force you to feel like you are “always on the edge” and can make you feel anxious.

Beginning the practice of not being “chained to your phone”; especially first thing in the morning, will make you realize that you are not missing out on anything. You will begin to experience JOMO (joy of missing out). Taking a break from your phone in the morning will help you slow down the rush of streams and notifications. It will help you focus on what truly matters. It will help you focus on the present moment and how you can be more present to experience your life.

So, are you ready to reclaim your day? Are you ready to start each day with a fresh perspective? Try disconnecting from your phone first thing in the morning and see how it makes you feel. Start the day on your terms and reclaim your energy 😊

Have a GREAT weekend. Take Care.

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