Hello Friday - Believe in Yourself; You are EXTRAORDINARY!

Happy Friday!

How was your week? I am sure that this week, like any other week, contained both highs and lows, accomplishments and setbacks. Were you able to celebrate your victories? Did you overcome some of the struggles? Are you still searching for a solution to a problem you encountered? Regardless of the situation, the most important thing you can do is believe in yourself. It may sound cliché, but there is not a happy, successful person in this world that did not believe in themselves.

However, I know that it is sometimes easier said than done. Self-doubt can creep in, but through practice, you can retrain your brain and build your self-confidence through positive self-talk and visualizing your goals. Here are a few tips you can practice to let go of self-doubt and believe in yourself:

  • Start each day with an affirmation: By choosing to use affirming, positive language when talking to yourself, you will be less likely to give any negative or discouraging thoughts the time of day. You will retrain your brain 😊

  • Visualize: Create a vision board or some other physical representation of goals you have accomplished and what you want for your future. Seeing this every day will be a constant reminder of where you have been and where you are going.

  • Count your wins: Whether they are big or small, focus on the things that went right; the things that you accomplished, steps you took toward your goals, and things you are proud of. Write them down. Focusing on the positive and seeing how much you already have accomplished will bring you joy and remind you that even bigger successes will come in the future!

Remember - there is nothing ordinary about you; YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY!

Have a great weekend. Take care. 😊

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