Monday Motivation - September 3, 2018


Good Morning. It is Monday once again 😊Many of you are enjoying a holiday (Happy Labor Day); possibly getting some time away from work. Relish every moment of this day. Take time to enjoy it and be FREE! As Abraham Maslow said, “This is the gift – to have the wonderful capacity to appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life, with awe, pleasure, wonder and even ecstasy.” Be grateful for all the blessings you are surrounded by today. We all know this, but at times it is good to be reminded that each day is a GIFT and we should treat it like one. So, when you open our eyes each morning, before your feet hit the floor, fill your mind with a positive thought. Choose an affirmation or mantra to start each day. Here are a few examples: 1) “I have so much to look forward to today; 2) Today I feel energized and invigorated by my life, or 3) Today I will focus on all that is good. Making this simple change in how you start your day can have a significant impact on the way your brain processes the events and experiences throughout the day. Try it; see if it makes a difference in your life 😊 I believe it will!

Well, it is “official”. We are now beginning the “unofficial” start of Fall 😊. Summer is coming to an end and Fall begins. The days get shorter, the air gets cool and crisp, the sun is a “different kind of warm” and nature begins to explode with its beautiful expression of change, transformation, and its magnificent, colorful tapestry. A new season is beginning; Fall, a season of transformation. Not only is Fall a time of transformation in nature, it is also a time for personal reflection and transformation.

Let’s consider the beautiful transformation and change that trees undergo each fall. They completely transform themselves to create a breathtaking display of colors.They step into a type of full expression of self, and then, they let it all go and will start again from nothing. For the tree, in another season, there will be a new kind of rebirth and through each transformative step (and season) they grow and get closer to the sky! Trees flow with each season’s fluidity staying grounded to their core being; the change does not impact their roots. They are deeply rooted every step of the way.

How is the transformation that trees experience each season like change and transformation we go through consistently in our lives? I think we can learn lessons from the tree. All of us experience many seasons in our lifetime. As we experience each season of our life, what if we trusted that beauty is unfolding through each experience? What if, like the tree, through each change we stayed grounded at our core and connected to our roots? This may be one visual that can help you to be“unshaken” by changes you experience knowing that you can flow fluidly with each season. The season (the change/transformation) of your life will not destroy you. It will prepare you for a rebirth that will bring you to closer to “your sky” (dreams, aspirations, goals, desires, etc.).

So, as nature reflects to you the process of change and transformation, ask yourself, “is there something in my life that is nudging me toward change?” Remember–change is the only constant in life. Every minute, every day, every week through your experiences you are changing. True, it can be scary; but remind yourself that it is a natural part of life and that it can bring growth and transformation to help you reach “your sky”.

If there is some change you desire, know you have everything in you right now to make it happen. You cannot change things outside of your control, i.e., people and events, etc., but you can make changes for yourself. Everything changes when you change yourself.

Here are a few steps that can help you make your change a successful one (adapted from Rhett Power’s, “6 crucial steps for a powerful personal transformation):

  • Write down what you want. Don’t just have it in your head. Why do you want the change? What great things will happen because of the change?

  • Take baby steps. Realize change is a process. You will make BIG changes by taking steps every day toward you goal.

  • Learn from others. Understand other peoples’ stories. Adopt habits that helped them reach their goal; avoid mistakes that they made.

  • Be the outcome. Adopt the identity of yourself as someone who has already made the changes you aspire to and your actions will be those of someone who already madethe successful transformation.

  • Be willing to be uncomfortable. Realize that change can be uncomfortable. Embrace it. If you start to feel fear, reframe your brain. Tell yourself you are excited about the possibilities you will experience because of this change. This little adjustment can change your mindset.

  • Be your own cheerleader. Build your inner strength. You do not need anyone’s approval. Know you are on the right path and that you are attempting to better yourself. Surround yourself with those who support you.

We all go through various seasons and cycles in our lives. Remember that although every transition and change can bring uncertainty and unpredictability; it can also bring great opportunities and new “blossoms”, recreation and awakenings.

While going through change, be grateful, graceful and grounded. Open your heart and trust yourself to create positive intentions to move forward. Breathe. Let it all be. Know that your outcome will be majestic!

Have a great week. Take Care.

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