Hello Friday - July 27, 2018

Happy Friday! I hope you had a productive week and are looking forward to a little “R & R” this weekend. Although Friday is always exciting because you are approaching a break for the weekend; there is also that “Friday Hustle" you encounter when you try to get as much done as possible and control as much as you can around you, so that you are able to truly relax once the work week is done.

This hustle can be stressful and sometimes makes you feel like you are “white knuckling” it until you get into your car to leave the office ☹. Reflecting upon this “white knuckle” feeling, it is important to realize that you can only control your side of the equation. When you try to control everything going on around you to ensure you get the outcomes you want, it is important to pay attention to Stephen Covey’s concepts surrounding the circle of concern, circle of influence and circle of control.

Let’s understand these concepts a bit more:

Circle of Concern: The large array of concerns that you have in work and life. Everything within this circle matters to you and everything outside the circle is of little concern to you. The circle of concern can be challenging because there are things that fall within it over which you have no control or influence.

Circle of Influence: The things about which you are concerned AND that you are able to do something about. You do not have control over the immediate outcome, but there are strides you can take to influence that direction.

Circle of Control: The things you do have control over and that you can do something about now. Your words, actions, ideas, etc., that can have an immediate impact.

By recognizing the differences between these three areas, it allows you to tackle the things you can control, recognize the things you cannot and let them go!

I hope you can take this concept and apply it today. Focus your Friday on completing the tasks within your control; and when you leave the office, choose to expend your energy on what fuels you.

Have an enjoyable weekend. Take care 😊

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