Monday Motivation - July 16, 2018


Good Morning 😊 It is Monday! How was your weekend? I hope you had an opportunity to experience some type of adventure. I hope you had an opportunity for spontaneity; and that life surprised you a little 😊

It is time to begin another fantastic day that will kickstart an equally fantastic week! Embrace this day as YOUR day realizing it is a GIFT and another opportunity to be fully present to the wonders of YOUR life. Know that YOU have extraordinary coded within YOU that is waiting to be released. Be comfortable sharing your TRUE SELF today and every day.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having fresh eyes” (Marcel Proust)

Have you every asked yourself, “How might my life be different if I approached it without assumptions and preconceptions; as though I was looking at each encounter like I had never seen or experienced it before?”

Our world has become so complex and fast paced that we have become more dependent on routine.We know the shortest and fastest way to do everything. While it is true that routines and habits can make us efficient; they can also force our minds into routines and habits too. Relying on assumptions and habitual modes of thinking can create mental ruts that limit how we act and react to the world around us. In some ways, it can discourage us from thinking at all. Thus, we simply see, do and experience things in the way we always have; the way we have come to expect. Your life does not have to be this way. What if you decided that you wanted to experience your life in a different way? What if you made the choice to practice looking at the world with fresh, clear, new eyes?

This concept of looking at things with a fresh perspective is known as “Beginner’s Mind”. It is one of the nine qualities of mindfulness that I have mentioned in the past. So, what is beginner’s mind? It is exactly what it sounds like. When you are new to something, you do not know anything about it; so, to open your mind to learn, develop and understand, you adopt a unique mindset (a beginner’s mind).When you are in this state of mind, you are:

  • Free of preconceptions of how anything works,

  • Free of expectations about what will happen,

  • Filled with curiosity to understand things more deeply,

  • Open to a world of possibilities, since you do not know yet what is or is not possible.

Employing beginner’s mind reminds you to look at things as though you are seeing them for the first time; rather than automatically responding to them with the same old patterns of behavior. It is getting rid of that, “Been There; Done That” mentality. Beginner’s Mind opens you up to the present and allows you to unlock new surprises, insights and discoveries. It allows you to see “new” in the “familiar”. Beginner’s mind awakens you to see anew what is right there in front of you.

A great example to help you understand this concept more deeply is to think about how children learn and interact with the world around them. They explore their world with fresh, open, curious eyes. Children are overflowing with questions. Their imaginations run wild, open to all possibilities; discovering and inventing as the wonder of each moment unfolds. Children are natural at this because they are always beginners at something. As we get older we lose touch with the qualities of mind that at one time came so naturally.

A beginner’s mind is your natural state, but over time it has been dulled. Don’t dismay; it is never too late to recover the qualities of beginner’s mind and enjoy the freedom and spontaneity of childhood, opening yourself to fresh possibilities. It does take practice; you need to build this muscle. Cultivating this habit requires you to simply be aware of how you are experiencing the world around you.

When you are used to knowing what you know, thinking like a beginner can be challenging. Here are a few exercises to try to help you reignite your beginner’s mind:

  • Eliminate “should” from your vocabulary. Let go of expected outcomes and be open to broader possibilities.

  • Detach from your ego’s desire to be an expert,

  • Get fully present to the experience at hand, as if you have never experienced it before,

  • Get curious by channeling your inner 5-year old – don’t assume anything; ask questions….,

  • Identify your expectations and then flip them around – what have you assumed to be true about this experience or topic and then think about doing the opposite.

Seeing things anew brings a fresh perspective to old sights and opens your world to intrigue and possibility each day. Challenge yourself to see things with fresh eyes. How can you enjoy each experience, each situation as though you were seeing it or experiencing it for the first time?

Here is a short video that will help you understand more poignantly what it is like to see something for the very first time 😊

“There are two ways to live your life; one as though nothing is a miracle; the other as though everything is a miracle” (Albert Einstein)

Whatever you look at today, this week and every day, may you look at it with a childlike wonder. I hope you can observe all the wonders as they occur around you.

Have a GREAT week.

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