Hello Friday - June 8, 2018

C.A. Doxiadis said, “We do not learn only from great minds; we learn from everyone, if we only observe and inquire.”

This quote sparked me to begin thinking about my own concept of“learning” and “growing” and the various paths that we can take to promote our personal growth. Every day we are presented with new and different experiences. Every day we engage in manydifferent types of interactions. Through every experience and in every interaction, we have the opportunity to stretch ourselves and our thinking. If we do this, we will definitely open our eyes to a different way to be. Many times we don’t think about the fact that we are “learning” as we experience the moments that each day brings. But, If we want to cultivate the habit of “life-long learning”,it helps to look at each experience, situation and interaction with a“beginner’s mind”. Using the concept of “beginner’s mind”, we have the opportunity to potentially see each situation with fresh eyes. If we focus on being present and open, there are many lessons available for us to learn in every situation (good or bad), and from every encounter on a daily basis. In fact, life can be our best teacher!

A key characteristic of being a lifelong learner is curiosity. If you are able to approach situations with curiosity, an open mind and a desire to learn, you will continue gain new insights, learn new things and grow as a person. This practice also enables you to authentically examine your own opinions and assumptions. Challenging yourself, your thoughts and your ideas is one way to continue to broaden your perspective and change the way you will see the world.

Today and every day, continue to be curious, seek to discover and expand your mind. Look for opportunities to learn and grow in every circumstance. Your newfound knowledge, willingness to explore different perspectives and learn from every situation may be one of life’s most gratifying pursuits.

Take Care. Have a Fantastic Weekend experiencing each moment with a Beginner’s Mind 😊

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