Hello Friday - June 15, 2018

Happy Friday 😊 I hope you had a GREAT week and I hope you have a GREAT day as you prepare yourself for the weekend!

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” -Winston Churchill

The dictionary defines attitude as, “a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior”. One crucial component that this definition leaves out: attitude is a choice! You always have the power to challenge, choose or change your attitude. This definitely does not mean that you will not experience difficult moments or have difficult experiences. Making a choice to respond in a healthy way, with a healthy approach and a healthy attitude, will definitely change the outcomes and experiences for you and all involved with you.

Healthy attitudes start with awareness. Take notice when a situation arises and you want to react negatively. Before you react, ask yourself: “What is causing these feelings?, What outcome will my reaction produce? Is there any information that I do not have about this scenario?” More often than not, pausing and thinking about the information you have been presented, along with awareness of your attitude, allows you to proceed in a more productive, level-headed manner which, much of the time, results in a better outcome.

Healthy attitudes create opportunity. When you approach a situation with a curious mind and outlook, you become more open to learning, growing, and connecting with others. You have a better chance of being more engaged and having a clear, receptive mind not clouded with negativity, doubt and judgement.

I know that all of this can be easier said than done; but if you think your attitude could use a little “T.L.C.” try doing the following:

  • Ask for feedback: Check in with people you trust and interact with on a regular basis. What can they share with you about your attitude? What insight can they provide about when you demonstrate a healthy attitude? What are some development areas they suggest?

  • Challenge negative thinking: When you find yourself in a rut or thinking negatively, turn it around with evidence to the contrary. When you change your thinking, your feelings will follow.

  • Seek the good in the bad: Take time to focus on what can be learned or gained from a difficult interaction or situation; rather than focusing on the negative situation only.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others: There will always be someone that excels at something you struggle with or that is in a better or worse situation than you. Comparisons will only breed frustration. Take the opportunity to learn from those around you. Positivity fosters achievement, learning, and growth.

  • Begin each day with an affirmation about your attitude:When you wake up in the morning, say to yourself: “I choose to have a healthy attitude and outlook today”. You may need to say it multiple times a day or post this affirmation on your wall on particularly difficult days. Every minute of every day, remind yourself that having a healthy attitude is a choice.

As you prepare for the weekend, take the first step and choose a healthy attitude today. When something goes sideways; step back and make the decision to not let it get under your skin, but to learn and grow from it. Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Have a fantastic weekend and take time to do what makes your soul happy 😊

Take Care!

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