Monday Motivation - May 28, 2018



Good Morning! I hope you had a GREAT weekend. Happy Memorial Day! Remember and be grateful for those who fought and continue to fight for the freedom you enjoy. Continue to live in the present moment and enjoy each experience; for today is the only day available to you. Today is the most important day of your life! Cherish it and be thankful.

Over the last three weeks you embarked on a journey to understand and deepen your emotional intelligence. You had the opportunity to learn more about 3 of the 4 pillars of emotional intelligence:

  • Self-awareness: recognizing your strengths andwhat you have left to learn; understanding more about who you are and what makes you tick,

  • Self-regulation: recognizing and understanding your own emotions, the impact they have on others and learning how to manage your impulses and quick responses,

  • Social awareness: recognizing and understanding the emotions of others through their words, tones of voice, body language, facial expressions, moods, etc., so that you can respond appropriately

How have you been doing? Are you more aware of these concepts than you were before? Have you begun to employ a strategy or two to further your depth of emotional intelligence (EQ)? Great - keep working on it 😊. You will continue to build your EQ muscle. It is worth it. You will not only begin to understand and appreciate yourself more, but you will also begin to appreciate and understand others more.Continuing down this path will make life and work much more interesting and satisfying and you will build stronger relationships with others!

This week you will begin to think about and understand the 4th pillar of emotional intelligence, Relationship Management. What is relationship management? It is the ability to use your awareness of your own emotions and those of others to manage interactions with others successfully!

Improving this skill enables clear communication and effective handling of conflicts; it helps you build stronger bonds with people over time; it enables you to see the benefit of connecting with many different people. Solid relationships are something to be cherished; but as you know, all relationships take work. Working on relationships takes time, effort and know-how. The know-how to use for better outcomes in this area is EQ. To build solid relationship management skills, you need to employ all three previous pillars of EQ (self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness), along with relationship management skills.

Solid relationships are a compilation of how we understand people; how we treat them; and the history we share. Why does it matter? Who cares? Well, if you don’t take time to intentionally focus on the way you interact in relationships, it is easy for them to be wrought with tension, unresolved conflict and frustration. Improving your relationship management skills allows you to connect with others in ways that help them feel understood and supported. Deepening your relationship management skills will give you the ability to inspire, influence and sort out conflicts as they arise.

Relationship management can be complicated and challenging because it is difficult to predict how people will respond to each other and work together; but it can also be rewarding. So, is there something you can do to improve your relationship management skills or is it all luck? The good news is that you can be intentional and proactive about how you contribute to your relationships. You are created and wired to socially connect; so, what are some ways you can work on and improve your relationship management skills? Here are several to consider:

  • Enhance your own communication style: Think about your style when you are relaxed and when you are stressed. Be honest. Identify those traits that are positive and those that are negative. Try to increase your positive communication traits.

  • Be interested in other people. Ask questions. Pay complete, undivided attention to those with whom you are communicating. Put your phone away! Treat everyone you come into contact as though they are the most important person in the world.

  • Smile more often than you don’t.

  • Take feedback well. Feedback is hard. Remind yourself that receiving feedback is an opportunity to learn and improve. When you receive feedback, PAUSE and PROCESS, don’t jump to a quick response that you may regret.

  • Do Not Avoid the Inevitable. Do not avoid a conflict situation or the person with whom you may not see eye to eye. Face the situation head on. Remember to use your self-awareness, self-regulation, and social awareness skills. It may be uncomfortable at first, but it will get better over time.

  • Be selfless, curious and grateful. Live by the platinum rule, “treat others as they want to be treated”!

Remember, you contribute to half of any relationship(personal or business). You share half of the responsibility to strengthen and create meaningful, positive relationships. Realize that this is not something that happens overnight. Growing these skills, like the other EQ pillars, is a life’s journey.

Have a GREAT week! Enjoy your continued journey building your EQ muscle

Take Care.

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