Hello Friday - April 27, 2018

Happy Friday! We are once again at the end of a week. I cannot believe how fast time flies; the seconds into minutes; the minutes into hours; the hours into days. We need to remember to relish each and every moment we are given; for these moments are your life.

In one of my reflection books, I recently came across this quote:

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection." (Buddha)

This quote stopped me in my tracks for a moment and compelled me to think about how often when we think of love, affection, appreciation we more than likely turn our thoughts and actions outward to our families, friends, colleagues, and possibly even acquaintances. How many of us actively show love, caring, kindness and appreciation to ourselves? My guess would be that much of the time we do not!

Many times we are our own worst critics, holding ourselves to such high standards that may be difficult at times to reach. Why? What if we treated our own mistakes and shortcomings as we do others? Think about how you approach a situation when someone close to you may have made a mistake, failed, or did not reach an intended goal. Your reaction to them might be to coach, mentor, nurture, reassure and guide them, but definitely not be harsh. Do you show the same care and kindness to yourself? Why not?

What if you were as kind to yourself as you are to others? What if you treated yourself with the same compassion and kindness that you show others? How might that change your outlook, your perspective, your acceptance of the wonder you are?

The challenge for you today and going forward is to shift your approach, and begin to be as kind, caring and compassionate to yourself as you are to others.

Remember, "Just as much as you see in others, you have in yourself." (William Hazlitt) 😊

Have a GREAT day and GREAT weekend!

Take Care.

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