Meet The Team

The People Behind the Scenes



As Founder & CEO of Reignite the Soul, my passion for and belief in deeply connecting with self, others and life is realized.

I have a curious disposition and am a lifelong learner. I continue to be compelled to understand more deeply who I am and what I can do to contribute each day.

We rise by loving self, knowing self and growing self and by lifting others. I have an abundance mentality and believe there is enough for everyone. Everyone deserves to achieve their dreams and goals. We can help others through our connection with and support of them.

I am  passionate about my role as a mother, friend, colleague, and mentor. I am a nature lover and have created a respite in my backyard to commune with nature and our fine feathered friends. This provides me peace, joy, rest and relaxation. It is one of the places I connect with my true self.



Hi! I'm Bryn and I am the jack of all trades around here-from web design, blogging, certified assessment practitioner, and content creator, to daughter and personal assistant to the CEO. I do it all! 

I am a wife, a mom of 5 (one daughter & four fur babies), and die hard MN Vikings fan. SKOL! I am also in my 7th year of drug and alcohol recovery and currently on my own personal journey of loving, knowing and growing myself!

Looking forward to connecting with you! :)