Quarterly Collaboration Events

Embark on a journey to cultivate connections with self and others.

Your story matters.


A Dive into Insights Discovery®

June 25, 2019

Midlands Hills Country Club

5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

At the event, you will enjoy appetizers and drinks. You will also learn about and experince the four color model of Insights Discovery®. You will begin to uncover the color energies that are more dominant in your personality style and you will gain insight and leave with tools on how to adapt and connect with others for better outcomes. 

Insights® is all about connections and accelerating steps to personal, professional, and leadership effectiveness. Insights® enables you to:

  • Explore and discover more about yourself

  • Learn how to recognize and appreciate others' differences

  • Learn how to adapt your behavior to interact more effectively with others

  • Take action and put your learning into practice

Get to know yourself, those around you, and learn how to have more effective connections with others in your life through the knowledge you will gain that can be put into practice immediately! 

Past Events

February 21, 2019:

Joan Steffend & Jearlyn Steele

 October 25, 2018:

An interactive painting experience with local artist Pario Max