About Reignite The Soul 

Each of us is on a very important, personal journey; the journey that is called “Our Life”. This journey unfolds moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, month by month and year by year. This is a journey of discovery; discovering who we are, discovering our purpose, what gives us joy and what fills our soul.


Reignite the Soul is the embodiment of the belief that we are all connected to the Universe and to one another. We are all on our very own soul path to enlightenment. In this context, what is soul? To me, “Soul” is the essence of what makes YOU; YOU. It is your source of energy that fuels and propels your life forward.


To connect with this energy and life source, we must first connect to our self; learning to love our self unconditionally. It is through uncovering this unconditional love that enables us to deeply and courageously investigate the depth of our soul and our self. When we understand how to fully care about and love our self, we can peel back the onion in a deeper way. This helps us to begin to truly know and appreciate who we are; the good, as well as, those things that we may want to change. It is through this self-awareness, that we get more comfortable opening our mind and hearts to connectivity with others; which is key to life.


Reignite the Soul is about creating a community. A community of people who have an abundance mentality; realizing that it is through supporting others that we lift our self. We celebrate our victories and we celebrate others’ victories knowing that there is plenty for everyone. Through this connection we grow stronger individually and collectively, personally and professionally. It is a community that encourages support, growth, excellence and camaraderie; somewhere we can all learn to

“Love Yourself. Know Yourself. Grow Yourself”.


The image and symbolism of the tree is very central and prominent within Reignite the Soul. Trees depict life giving energy, growth and strength. In cultures around the world, the tree is a sacred  symbol. Each of us is sacred also. “We can learn a lot from trees; they are always grounded, but never stop reaching heavenward” (Terri Guillemets). Trees are treasures that contain much knowledge and wisdom. Each of us are treasures too and deep within us lies knowledge, wisdom, strength and our truth. This journey of discovery for each of us enables us to uncover our very own truths for a rich and fulfilling life.


Life is meant to be lived; it is not perfect, and we are not perfect. It is a journey. As Marcel Proust says, “The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having fresh eyes.” It is my wish for you that in connecting with us at Reignite the Soul you are inspired to embark on your very own journey. A journey that cultivates connections with yourself and with others. A journey that encourages you to “Love Yourself. Know Yourself. Grow Yourself”.


Thank you for connecting with us.